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Publishing rule

Articles and media about attractions are posted by the author himself in the directory of sights.

The author has the right to post articles only about sights located in the city or country of residence.

All articles are subject to mandatory review by the editor and are accepted for publication only in full compliance with these rules.

Articles approved for publication are placed in the catalog of attractions throughout the existence of the 7toucans social network and can only be corrected if there are good reasons and the consent of the 7toucans administration.

The attractions catalog is a public space designed to tell as many people as possible about the attractions on the planet Earth.

Text and media content can only be published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0), which automatically makes them publicly available.

The author of the article provides the 7toucans social network with the exclusive rights to use published articles, including texts and media. The author can not, under any pretext, require the removal of published and approved articles and media from the catalog or prohibit their public display.

By publishing the article, the author agrees that 7toucans allows and encourages the copying of articles about attractions under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The author of the article retains the copyright for the published article if the author has an active profile in the 7toucans social network. If the author deletes their profile from the 7toucans social network, the author automatically agrees that all exclusive copyrights are transferred to 7toucans.

Only copyright articles about attractions with a uniqueness of more than 75% are allowed for publication.


Sight is any object or place on the planet Earth that, according to the author, may be of interest to travelers.

7toucans does not restrict the authors in the choice of categories of attractions.

A commercial attraction is any property that is privately owned and that benefits from being visited by travelers. This includes bars, restaurants, casinos, hotels, travel service companies, and other properties. An article in the 7toucans attractions catalog about a commercial attraction is welcome and allowed only if it describes the object as a tourist attraction.

In some cases, articles about a commercial attraction may be published for a fee. The author is obliged to provide the administration of 7toucans with full information about the commercial object. A decision on placement and payment will be made only after that. Ask a Question.

An article about a commercial attraction (restaurants, bars, casinos, hotels, etc.) can only be posted by a representative of the owner of this property, or by a 7toucans partner participating in the Landmarks Detective program.

Articles must be dedicated to sights and interesting places to visit and have a third-person description.

The content of the article should be brief and interesting.
It is not allowed to duplicate existing articles with already published information about the attraction in the same language. However, duplication in another language is allowed.

7toucans editors can change the title of the author's article at their discretion to increase the attractiveness of the article for the audience, as well as change the text to correct grammatical errors and phrases.

Articles on Sights

The article on sight must contain truthful information and fully comply with the 7toucans rules  ( rules of use)

The article consists of :

  • Descriptions
  • Interesting facts about this attraction
  • Photos of attractions
  • Exact address

Description and interesting fact

Recommended length of texts:

- the main text on attraction (description) – 250-350 words,
- an interesting fact – 60-150 words.
Large articles are not accepted for publication.


When adding an address, you can use the following guidelines:
- add the correct address of your attraction,
- add the name of the attraction if it is recognized by the Google map.
In 99% of cases, Google finds the desired coordinates of a place by name.


If the content of the text or images is subject to a claimed and known copyright, please specify this in the copyright and/or add a link to the source. 7toucans is not responsible for the articles and graphic materials posted by the authors.

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