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Commercial attraction

Your business may be of interest to tourists as an attraction.

Add an article on it to the 7toucans social network.

Why should you be interested?

1travelers can learn about your business and include it in their travel plan

2all users and visitors of 7toucans will know about you, as information from the catalog of
attractions is published on social networks

3you will be able to develop your marketing programs based on the opinions of 7toucans users

The article is published for the entire existence of the 7toucans social network.

4travel experts can add your property to their service advertisements

5you can contact members of the 7toucans social network who are traveling in your region
and send them special offers

6your business will be represented in the 7toucans social network along with other
attractions in your city

Commercial attraction

A commercial attraction is any property that is privately owned and that benefits from being visited by travelers. This includes bars, restaurants, casinos, hotels, travel service companies, and other properties. An article in the 7toucans attractions catalog about a commercial attraction is welcome and allowed only if it describes the object as a tourist attraction.

In some cases, articles about a commercial attraction may be published for a fee. The author is obliged to provide the administration of 7toucans with full information about the commercial object. A decision on placement and payment will be made only after that.

An article about a commercial attraction (restaurants, bars, casinos, hotels, etc.) can only be posted by a representative of the owner of this property, or by a 7toucans partner participating in the Landmarks Detective program.  

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