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About 7Toucans

7toucans - all about traveling!
A travel social network we created to offer amateurs and professionals the opportunity to share their travel experience and knowledge.

We provide excellent opportunities to get useful information for planning your future adventures. As well as direct contacts with professionals and local experts who will be happy to help you learn and improve your knowledge about new countries, share a lot of experience, find new friends and people with the same lifestyle.




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Affiliate to
  • create interest groups
  • have personal profiles
  • share your impressions and feedback about the places you visited
  • share your videos, photos
  • create your own travel blog
  • participate in auctions held by travel professionals
  • find fellow travelers and plan new routes with them
  • find detailed information about attractions around the world
  • find and contact local travel experts and professionals when planning your routes
  • book hotels, plane tickets, bus tickets, train tickets, and book cars
  • for every beneficial action, the user receives points – "toucans". The user can exchange the "toucans" he earned for interesting and useful travel items provided by our partners. Or win a trip at auction.


Our audience can be native speakers of any language and live in any country. Travel enthusiasts around the world use 7toucans. We are constantly expanding the languages of the system available to our users to make using the site more comfortable.

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personal page of the expert

Service / Tour

  • tell all users of the 7toucans social network about your work and services.
  • create your personal page about your work and your services
  • all Internet users will be able to see your page, as it will be promoted in search engines using unique algorithms embedded in the work of 7toucans
  • place ads about the services you offer
  • contact directly with future clients, negotiate the provision of services and conclude contracts
  • place ads for your services separately in all the languages available in the system.


To begin



business page in a social network

  • 7toucans does not charge any commission for selling your services and allows the traveler to contact you directly. You only pay for a subscription to use our resources
  • you have a convenient interface for editing your profile page and your ads for excursions and services
  • you decide whether you will publish your contact information (e-mail, phone number, Skype, social media accounts, personal website)
  • you have an embedded messenger for communicating with all 7toucans users
  • you have statistics on visits to your page and your ads
  • there is a unique opportunity to advertise your excursions or services on Facebook
  • we also offer constant optimization and promotion of the website on the Internet


  • How it works? Open or Close

    You fill in the form, after its approval, you receive access in the expert section or you can create the personal public page, which provides information about you as a travel expert.
    To place ads, you must subscribe to one of the available rate plans. After payment, you will immediately be able to create announcements of your services in all countries and cities, and in all the languages ​​available on 7toucans.

    If you have not found the city that interests you, you can contact us with a request to add the direction that interests you. After examining your request, we will create this destination in the system personally for you or you will be offered alternative options.

    The number of ads available for publication varies depending on the plan purchased.

    Every day, thousands of travelers from around the world visit 7toucans in search of information on the interesting places in the country they will visit. Along with finding attractions, travelers are looking for information on the services they will need and for experts to help them plan the trip. After reviewing your ads, the traveler will contact you via the messenger or directly through the contacts you have indicated on your profile page.

    We are not intermediaries and you are free for communication with your potential customers.

    To organize a large number of participants, you can create open or closed groups in a social network and discuss the activities planned there. Share photos, videos, create events, etc.

  • What are the conditions for cooperation? Open or Close

    We do not charge a commission for your excursions. However, the use of 7toucans for placing individual profile pages and ads is paid.

    Payment is made according to the selected tariff plan. You can request a discount coupon. If the administration of 7toucans considers your offers unique and valuable, you will receive a payment discount. Make a request.

  • How to start? Step-by-Step Open or Close
    • Register on 7toucans.
    • After registration, fill out the form and describe in detail your activities so that we can find out more about you and make a positive decision.
    • Once your application has been approved, you will have access to the section of your public profile.
    • Create public profile pages with a description of your activities and services provided in the languages ​​in which you plan to show your ads.
    • Choose and pay the package that is most advantageous for you.
    • After payment, you will have the option to create ads.
    • Create ads on the services you provide.
    • After approval by the administrator, your ads and your public profile page will be published in the expert section.
    • Step-by-Step instruction
  • How to promote your offers? Open or Close

    There is a unique opportunity to conduct advertising campaigns in the 7toucans social network. If you decide that you are willing to provide your services in exchange for advertising, you can allow the user to pay for services using the mechanism for exchanging the "toucans" earned by the user. The user will be required to place an ad about the services on their page on the 7toucans social network and Facebook for at least 10 days. To do this, you must:

    • Select "Allow exchange for toucans" in the ad settings.
    • This information will appear on the ad page.
    • The user, after discussing all the details with you and earning enough "toucans", can pay for the services provided by you. The exchange takes place according to the exchange rate in the system.
    • During the exchange, an announcement about your services will be posted automatically on the user's page on the 7toucans social networks and Facebook.
    • If the user refuses to place an ad, the exchange process will be stopped.
    • "Toucans" paid by the user will be debited from their account in favor of the 7toucans bonus system.
    • You and your customer will receive a notification about the purchase.
    • All the user's friends on the 7toucans social network and Facebook will find out about your services and will go to your profile page to view them. This will create the effect of viral advertising and the number of people who learn about you and your services will grow many times.
    • If you refuse to provide services for this exchange for no good reason, "toucans" will be debited from your account in favor of the user and you will be prohibited from further conducting such advertising campaigns.

    You can cancel this exchange by agreement with the user and with their unconditional and full consent. To do this, you need to fill out the form. In this case, the 7toucans administration will refuse any claims regarding this advertising campaign. The user will not be refunded the paid "toucans".

  • How to place your offers at a tourist auction? Open or Close

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