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Candlemas Island
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Someone dreams about cotton-white beaches and azure sea, someone dreams about stone ruins of Medieval castles, someone wants to find themselves on a deserted island covered with everlasting ice, watching whales and seals, the only hosts of those places. Nature of the South Sandwich Islands is severe and unfriendly, their land is always covered with snow and awake active volcanoes guide severely their peace and quiet. Nevertheless, the cold ocean winds, low temperatures, poor vegetation are not convincing reasons why you should refuse yourself the pleasure of enjoying the pristine nature of the territories surrounding the South Pole.

A small uninhabited island of Candlemas was discovered in 1775 by a famous British traveler Captain James Cook, and today it is the territory of the South Sandwich Islands; it is one of the main tourist attractions of this place. The island of the cognominal group of Candlemas attracts mountain climbers with its two glacier peaks, named after the heroes of Greek myths: goddess Andromeda and her rescuer Perseus. Andromeda mountain is 550 meters high, it’s the highest point of the island, and the height of Perseus is about 450 meters. Both snowy peaks, along with a local volcano have long been haunting the minds of mountain climbers and extreme lovers, coming here in search of thrilling emotions and ready to risk their lives to get a fresh adrenaline doze.
The main touristic attraction of the island is considered to be a constantly fuming hot water reservoir with a resonant name of the Pot. It is located on a red slope of Lucifer Hill, a throat of an active volcano whose flows of burning lava last covered the territory of the island in the 1950-s. Audacious and dangerous, but at the same time charmingly beautiful, the rocky sceneries of Candlemas have been in the list of the most fantastic places on earth since the first day of their discovery until today, they are every traveler’s cherished dream.

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