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Fort Howe
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Castles, Fortresses, Towers

The oldest city of Canada, founded during the reign of the British King George III, has always been a desirable trophy for two states. France has declared its rights for the fertile lands since the famous French colonist, Samuel de Champlain, had landed in St. John Bay. After more than a hundred years, the powerful Kingdom of Great Britain deported French colonists and erected the leading landmark of Saint John – the legendary Fort Howe. Today, the fort is a historic site and a bright example of the defensive architecture of the 18th century.

The construction of a powerful stone fort began after the American siege of the Canadian city in 1777 as protection from future attacks. The bastion got its big name in honor of the British Commander-in-Chief Sir William Howe. It was a real medieval fortress with strong defensive walls and three observation towers with embrasures, the so-called blockhouses. Inside, there were barracks and utility sheds, and a palisade and abatis defended the fort from the outside. The famous fortress played a significant role during the American Revolution when the strong walls and eight battle cannons helped Saint John withstand. In 1784, Saint John welcomed the first governor of the New Brunswick colony with beautiful fireworks, and a year later, it got the status of a city.

For several years, Fort Howe had been serving as the city prison, until in 1812, it had to protect Saint John from the French army of Napoleon per its initial designation. These were the last military events in the history of Fort Howe. Today, the once-powerful British fortification is a restored National Historic Site looking just like it was during its high point in the American War of Independence.

Address: Fort Howe

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