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Royal Armouries
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Museums, Galleries, Exhibitions

The weapon has a special mystery: the sharpening of the blade, the length of the blade, a tempting pattern on the handle. Besides, something new is invented from century to century: a new drawing, a new stone, a new size. That is why it became crowded in the Tower of London for all the specimens of the collection of the British Armory. And it's not fair to hide them in basements! They are so beautiful that you can't take your eyes off them!

The collection was divided in the 17th century. In London, populated by various museums and cultural centers, it was decided not to build a separate, "Museum of weapons". So what is connected with the Tower would remain in the tower, the main part would go to Leeds, and the rest would go to Portsmouth.

A new building was specially built for the museum. The Armory in Leeds was built of glass. It looks like a medieval glass castle with a tower, but only in a modern manner. The tower, especially in the evening, it is impossible to miss. It attracts attention. A desire to quickly find out what is inside appears immediately. And inside...there are weapons on the walls, the floor, and the ceiling. Sometimes it seems that a sword or saber is about to fall on you.

In the numerous halls that lead to the glass bridges, there are collections of weapons from various eras. There are European and Asian weapons, weapons of the Arab world. A walk through the Museum can be combined with a concert of ancient music. In some halls, such performances are arranged. However, the music of Medieval Europe sounds strange against the background of fighting camels.

Are you a fan of trophies and everything related to celebrities? This is also available there. For example, the sword with which the Queen knighted Sir Paul McCartney. And a sword that was given to Elizabeth by Leonid Brezhnev.

You can track what, when and to whom Elizabeth gave as a gift. The fact is that when the Queen wants to make someone a gift, the masters immediately make two copies. One of which is sent to the Armory. So you can make a list of the weapons generosity of the Queen of Great Britain.

Address: Armouries Dr, Leeds LS10 1LT

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