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Christ of the Abyss
Genoa and surrounding
Rivers, Lakes,  Unusual places
Rivers, Lakes, 
Unusual places

On the outskirts of Genoa, there is a rather unusual sight. To see it, you should not be afraid of water, and it is better to be a scuba diver. The statue "Christ of the Abyss" is located in the bay of the ancient abbey of San Fruttuoso on a depth of 17 meters.

It is hard to get there. There are two options: on foot or by boat. But, for a large number of people, visiting the place every year, the distant location of Genoa is not a problem for them. 

The statue of Christ was installed there in 1954. Its author is the sculptor Guido Galletti. He made the order of a local diver, who wanted to dedicate the statue to his friend and colleague, who died in 1947 in that place.

The height of the statue of Christ is 2.5 meters. Jesus is depicted with open hands and a face turned to the sky. He asks the higher powers to protect fishermen, scuba divers, and sailors in the sea. 

Over the past 50 years of the statue’s location underwater, it has changed its look. It has been covered with seaweed and lost the fragment of its hand. The thing is that the statue was damaged because of a slovenly thrown anchor. But in 2003 it was taken from the depth and restored. After the restoration, Christ was installed in its original place, but now it got the pedestal.

We can say that in the world there are at least two copies of the original statue of the bay of San Fruttuoso. Besides, they have similar names. 

One of them is located at the entrance to the harbor on the island of Grenada. Earlier, as the other one, it was placed underwater. The Genoese sailors offered that sculpture to colleagues from Grenada in 1961, who helped them to save the passengers of the sunk ship in a local port.

You can see the second "Christ of the Abyss" on the other continent - in Florida, on a depth of eight meters, close to the underwater reef Dry Rocks. That was the gift of the Italian scuba divers to their American friends.

Address: San Fruttuoso

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