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International Coral Research Center
Palau and surrounding
Nature Reserves, Safari Parks, Zoo
Nature Reserves, Safari Parks, Zoo

The waters of the Pacific Ocean keep millions of secrets. With a mask, swim fins, and a diving suit we try to unravel them, but nature carefully preserves the mysteries. At the International Coral Reef Center, you can find answers to some of the questions.

From one side, the center is immense! It occupies gigantic territories, includes thousands of diverse species. From the other, you may not notice that you come to the specialized center. Everything is so natural and harmonious, it seems that you just get into the wild area of Palau.

You will be amazed by the beauty and variety of species represented in the center. Underwater, everything seems a little unreal, it is another world, colorful, bright, vibrant. A real underwater "Garden of Eden."

In the international coral reef center, you can visit several exhibitions. Each of them is a small copy of the natural areas of Palau. In the warm tropical waters of the western part of the Pacific Ocean, are hidden magnificent, slightly frightening corals and fish. It is hard to imagine that these colorful stones are alive organisms!

One of the expositions is dedicated to the flora and fauna of the mangroves. The inhabitants of that area are hard to find. But be careful – there are long roots, looking like tentacles, everywhere. They cling to branches, entwine the tree trunks to reach the water. And in the turbid water of mangrove forests are hid shoals of fish and jellyfish. 

Try to see the fish in the algae or coral. In the center, the guides tell you about the amazing ability of the depth inhabitants to camouflage in order to save themselves or hide for a further attack.

Do you remember that in cartoons the inhabitants of the deepest part of the ocean, “Creatures of Darkness”, are represented by toothy bloodthirsty monsters? In the center, you can find out whether it is true. Deep-sea butterflyfish, unicorn fish – their names seem to be harmless. Find out the truth. 


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