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Samurai and Ninja Museum
Kyoto and surrounding
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Unusual places, 
Museums, Galleries, Exhibitions

The «medieval chivalry of Asia» originated on the territory of modern Japan in the middle of the 7th century, but it reached its peak only by the 12th century when the shogunate – the rule of the samurai estate headed by the shogun – was established in the former capital of the country. All these significant events of the Japanese medieval history took place on the territory of Kyoto which today houses the best museum of samurai and ninja, other mysterious characters of the Land of the Rising Sun.

The rich collection of this unique museum covers five important historical periods from 794 to 1868, the year when the five hundred years of samurai rule ended. Here you can see the most ancient artifacts of the Heian period, the former name of the area of modern Kyoto, which meant «the capital of peace and tranquility». The armor and weapons of the very first samurai of the ancient powerful Taira family are of particular interest.

The next era of Kamakura is characterized by the formation of the first shogunate and is represented by many objects of everyday life and the culture of the new ruling class. But the most valuable exhibits of the museum are the luxurious garments and hundreds of ancient swords of the Muromachi period, the beginning of the golden age in Japanese history. At this time, Zen Buddhism spread in the country, and the first tea ceremonies appeared. By the way, you can still take part in a tea ceremony in one of the pavilions of the modern Samurai Museum. And if you want, you can try your hand at Zen meditation.

The Japanese historical period of Momoyama is known to the world for its brutal bloody wars. The museum displays the events of those years in the theatrical performances depicting scenes of sword fights. The latter era of samurai rule is expressed in a separate exhibit, where one can see the magnificent silk kimonos of nobles and the simple everyday clothing of women, the yukata. Besides, you can not only enjoy the magnificence of antique items of clothing and armor of fearless warriors but also try on some of them and take some vivid commemorative photos.

Address: Teramachi Utanokoji building 2F, 292, Higashidaimonjicho, Nakagyo Ward

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