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Samarinda Islamic Center Mosque
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The mosque of the Samarinda Islamic Center is one of the largest mosques in Southeast Asia, after the Indonesian Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta.

The building in Samarinda is situated on the bank of the Mahakam River, on an area of ​​about 12 hectares, and the total area reaches 43.5 thousand sq.m.

The construction of the grandiose mosque was completed in 2008. Its image presents a combination of details made in the style of Islamic architecture of the countries in the Middle East.

The first floor of the mosque has an area of 10,27 sq.m., and the main floor is more than 8 thousand sq.m. The balcony gallery alone opens up a space of 5,3 thousand sq.m.!

Seven minarets rise above the building, and the principal tower reaches 99 meters – this number resonates with 99 names of Allah. The separate tower consists of 15 floors, each is 6 meters high. Right over the building of the mosque, there are six minarets: four are 70 meters and two are 57 meters high. These six towers are associated with the Six Pillar of Iman.

A special role of numbers is almost everywhere here: the stairs from the first floor to the main one have 33 steps. This number is a reference to one-third of the number of Islamic rosaries.

The Islamic Center, except for the mosque, includes a primary school, a hospital, a library, a guest house, a meeting hall, and other functional rooms. There’s also parking for visitors.

Besides, there are some secular landmarks, if you want to diversify the impressions after the religious building. During the day, you can walk along the embankment from the Islamic Center to the large urban shopping centers called Big Mall (about 2.7 km to the south-west) or Samarinda Central Plaza (about 4.5 km to the east). In the evening, you can get into a small world of fancy lights – the Mahakam Lampion Garden, also located by the river, is just 500 meters from the mosque.

Address: Samarinda Islamic Centre Mosque

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