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Abanotubani Bath District
Tbilisi and surrounding
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Unusual places, 
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Tbilisi is a very interesting city. Each corner is a separate attraction. You can endlessly walk around it. And after such a busy walk, you really need to have a rest for your soul and body.

You can relax by going to the bathhouse. The Abanotubani district is the most popular place in the city and in the whole country since the history of Tbilisi literally began from this place. The city was formed thanks to the baths.

So after pouring yourself a full basin of hot water and relaxing on a bench in a steamy room, get ready to immerse yourself in the history of Tbilisi. According to the legend, the founder of the city, King Vakhtang I Gorgasali, shot a pheasant while hunting. Then different scientists interpret the story in different ways: some scientists say that the bird fell into a warm spring, revived, and flew away, and some are sure that the pheasant was cooked and then turned into an incredibly delicious dinner.

In any case, the King was so impressed by the warm springs on the territory of the future Tbilisi that he ordered to found a city and moved the capital of the country to this place.

As in Rome, the first baths were more of a place to meet and talk, and only then to take a bath and relax. The baths here are not simple, they’re sulfuric, so the smell is corresponding. At the time of the Silk Road, the Abanotubani district housed 60 baths, but only 10 of them remained.

Funny brick roofs that look like ripe pomegranates will attract your attention. These are baths made in the Persian style. Most of them are hidden under the ground. However, not all the baths look like this. Some of them, for example, Orbelianovskaya sulfur bath looks like a magnificent mosque with minarets.

The baths also look very beautiful inside: on the domed ceilings you can see mosaic ornaments, and the floor is made of tile.

Here you can find steam rooms, a common room, and a mineral pool. The water comes there from a hot spring. If you want to relax completely, order the services of a bath attendant. For an additional fee, he will scrub you with a special glove or give a massage.

Address: Abano St, Tbilisi

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