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Ancient town of Uplistsikhe
Gori and surrounding
Architecture,  Archeology, Civilization history
Archeology, Civilization history

An ancient town of Uplistsikhe or «The Lord’s Fortress» is located twelve kilometers from the city of Gori in Georgia. When you drive to this place, you don't know where to look. There is a huge mountain with sparse green, which slopes seem to be artificially smoothed.

As you get closer, you notice small gorges, and then ... the breathtaking beauty of this place! You’ll be astonished when you realize that all this was built thousands of years ago.

The town of Uplistsikhe was built by the ancient inhabitants in the 10th century BC. They chose a really good location for it. The top of the mountain offers a great view of the only way from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea. On the one hand, Uplistsikhe is completely inaccessible. The city is protected by a sheer cliff. And if the enemies weren’t noticed in advance, you could hide from them inside, in numerous caves. This is what the ancient town of Uplistsikhe is all about. Archeologists dug only 150 caves, although there are about 700 of them in total. Scientists suppose that about 20,000 people lived there permanently.

The ancient town is also interesting from the outside. The place is memorable for a war between pagans and representatives of the Christian faith that was waged on this territory. On the top, there is an old church built by the Abkhazians who conquered this land. It was built there instead of the pagan temple of the Sun.

Passing through one tunnel after another, cave after cave, you wonder how artfully everything here is done. The diligence and skill of the workers can be explained by one of the legends, according to which Uplistsikhe was built by slaves who were promised freedom after the completion of the town's construction.

The first inhabitants were pagans. This is indicated by the number of temples and places of religious sacrifice. For example, there is one altar called the Hall of Queen Tamara, which is located next to the most famous and impressive cave. Although the Queen herself probably never visited Uplistsikhe.

The ancient town of Uplistsikhe impresses not only with its deep caves, mysterious tunnels, and ancient temples but also with stunning views of the fields and mountains.

Address: Uplistsikhe

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