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A new way to promote your business
online travel bidding on the social network!

How does it work?

You offer your Promo Items. It can be travel deals on hotels, holidays, cruises, flights, entertainment, spa, restaurant deals and more.
We create a lot for sale and start bidding.
Participants make bets and share information about you and your offer on their pages in social networks.
The participant with the highest bid wins.

Benefits for your business

No need to wonder how to attract new customers and convince them that your travel deals are the most profitable. We already have an answer.


You offer your travel services and products up for 7toucans Auction. We accept your request and pack your promo deals into attractive auction items. Every item we create as a unique web page with the user-friendly and engaging design.


Customers choose an attractive deal and start bidding. Auction starts from 1$, and the minimum bid amount varies from 1 to 10 $. To place a bet, the user must publish on his page in one of the social networks information about your offer.
Why is this important?
- You decide in which social network users will have to make a publication about you.
- You determine which the minimum number of friends should be on the user's page to participate in the auction. No fake accounts. We provide you with real customers and the right target audience.
- The customer should keep the post about you on his social media timeline until the end of the Auction. Information about you is going to spread from friend to friend.
Are you ready for viral advertising benefits?
- We propose the viral marketing strategy. Have people once seen posts about your company on a social network? Have they already noticed that their friends are interested in your deals and share information about it? They are most likely to follow your brand. It means to participate in the auction and tell everyone about you.
- Keep in mind that you will have access to all auction participants who are already interested in your deals. This is the best opportunity to identify and reach your potential customers who are ready to buy your services!


The participant with the highest bid wins and goes on the trip. It’s about a unique vacation experience for an attractive price, which he offered himself. A satisfied customer is one of the most effective marketing tools you can ever have.


No need to ask customers to leave feedback about your services on your website. They are going to share their impressions on social networks. The best tools of the e-travel industry, a rich choice of vacation opportunities and the social media involvement. It's worth to be shared!

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