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Palace of the López (Palacio de los López)
Asuncion and surrounding
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The Republic of Paraguay has a history filled with striking events and rich cultural heritage. There are many archaeological sites of the ancient Indian civilization of the Guaraní and magnificent mansions of the colonial period on its territory. Despite the diversity of architecture in this amazing country, there are no castles or palaces, except for the classic Palace of the López located in Asuncion, the capital and the heart of Paraguay.

The construction of the palace began in 1857 by order of the country's Minister of War, Francisco Solano Lopes, who traveled for a long time in Europe and returned to his homeland, inspired by the luxurious European palaces. He decided to build something similar in his country and organized a competition for the best project among architects and engineers. The winners were the English architect Alonso Taylor and the Hungarian engineer Francisco Wisner. It is their creation that can be seen on Independence Street now. One of the most glorious buildings in Paraguay was built in a neoclassical style with elements of ancient Palladianism.

The interior of the palace is not inferior to its fantastic external appearance. Several European masters worked tirelessly to create a wonderful example of architecture and art: the Italian sculptor Andres Antonini created a grand marble staircase and a French artist painted the ceiling with floral motifs. Elegant furniture, bronze statues, and old canvases were brought from Paris, and huge mirrors in openwork carved frames were hung in the halls. Its construction was completed in 1867, but its owner did not manage to live within its walls even for a single day. At that time, the Great War was going on in Paraguay, so he had to be on the battlefield.

Today, the snow-white Lopez Palace is the most symbolic building in Paraguay and the official residence of the president of the country. Its special night lighting made it part of a grandiose light show that attracts hundreds of tourists every day.

Address: Paraguayo Independiente

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