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Guiana Amazonian National Park
Remire-Montjoly and surrounding
Nature Reserves, Safari Parks, Zoo
Nature Reserves, Safari Parks, Zoo

Guiana Amazonian Park (Parc amazonien de Guyane) is the largest Natural National Park of France. It is located in the overseas department of French Guiana, on the border with Brazil. The scale of this protected mountain-forest area is 33.9 thousand square kilometers in the natural zone of tropical forests. However, the neighboring Brazilian Tumucumaque Mountains National Park is much larger - 38 thousand square kilometers.

Officially, Guiana Amazonian Park has only recently become a national park. The idea of ​​creating the park appeared in 1992, but due to long-term agreements at the government level, it was not possible to start educational work with tourists. The park could receive its first visitors only in 2007.

Despite its "young" status, this territory is a typical Amazon full of natural values: tropical forests, water resources, a huge variety of species. There are about 5,800 plant species: deciduous trees, palms, tropical ferns, wild orchids. Besides, the forests are home to about 200 species of animals, almost 500 groups of fish, more than 700 species of birds, 300 species of reptiles and amphibians, and many species of tropical butterflies. Alligators also live in the local forests - all in the style of the Amazon!

More than 20 thousand square kilometers of the park are under full protection. Mining is prohibited in these remote areas.

French Guiana, which is extremely rich in flora and fauna, hasn`t yet had an extensive ecotourism infrastructure. This park provides a complete immersion in the atmosphere of the Amazon: without the comfort of megacities, hotels, restaurants, and even without the Internet.

It takes about 45 minutes by plane from Cayenne to the village of Saül, a tourism hub for hiking fans: 45 km of marked hiking trails start from Saül.

Those who like more challenging walks are encouraged to climb Mount Galbao - a 10-kilometer route through the forest leads to the mountain range, the highest point of which is 700 m.

River routes are longer: they allow tourists to swim to remote parts of the park in 2 or 3 days. To get there faster you can go by air to the commune of Maripasoula, from where water or hiking routes to the cascades of Gobaya Soula start.

Address: Parc Amazonien de Guyane

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