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Amazon Theater: Symbol of the epoch
Manaus and surrounding

The rubber boom is an important milestone in Brazilian history. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the region experienced unprecedented economic growth due to the rubber extraction. The luxurious and majestic Amazon Theater is a symbol of that time and is one of the most famous attractions in the country.

The Amazon Theater was inaugurated in the center of Manaus on December 31, 1896. Many contemporaries were amazed by its splendor: the building in the Renaissance style also has eclectic elements. Special attention was drawn to its bright dome in the colors of the Brazilian flag, which was decorated with 36 thousand mosaic details! It is noteworthy that most of the materials used in the construction of the building were imported from Europe. One of the few exceptions was local wood. But eventually, it came from the Old World: it was sent abroad in its raw form and returned in the form of parquet or furniture. So, the theater has elements brought from England, France, Italy, and Belgium. It seems that they did not stint the creation of magnificent furniture in those days.

The concert hall can accommodate 701 spectators at a time. At the time, celebrities from all over the world came there. For example, Anna Pavlova herself danced on this stage! However, the audience has been impressed not only by theatrical and musical performances but also by the unusual concave ceiling under the bright dome. This ceiling, painted by masters from Paris, is decorated with a chic French bronze chandelier.

After the end of the rubber boom, the local population's income declined significantly. The cultural space fell to disrepair. The roof was badly damaged due to tropical downpours, and the yard was overgrown with vines. In the 1990s, large-scale restoration work was carried out there and the theater was reopened.

Address: Largo de São Sebastião - Centro

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