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Copy of the rubber plantation: Vila Paraíso Seringal
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How amazing and diverse the nature of Brazil is! This large country has subtropical forests, high waterfalls, the ocean, flat steppes... One of the most picturesque places in the country is located near the city of Manaus: this is Vila Paraíso Seringal. Besides, this place will please not only with amazing views but also with an interesting history.

What is Vila Paraíso Seringal? It is not an ordinary park or reserve, nor is it a museum. It is a copy of the rubber plantation. There were many of them in the country during the "rubber boom" in Brazil (1879-1912). And since there was a huge demand for rubber all over the world, this region experienced strong economic growth. Actually, Vila Paraíso Seringal was opened in memory of past successes on August 16, 2002.

What guests can see now is an exact copy of the rubber plantation in the city of Umayta, which was about 675 km from Manaus. Tourists can immerse themselves in the life of the Amazonian businessmen of the early 20th century. For example, you can see how plantation owners and their employees lived. The difference is striking: landowners lived in luxury and wealth, while ordinary workers were actually enslaved and lived like beggars. This social gap is noticeable in the dwellings of the local rich and poor in Vila Paraíso Seringal.

Besides, travelers can see how to get latex and rubber. Moreover, the most active ones can take a special route and find out how rubber trees are cut.

By the way, visiting a copy of the plantation itself is an amazing adventure. You can only get here by the water. A motorboat ride from Marina Davi in Manaus takes about 25-30 minutes. To get to the Marina from the city center, take bus routes 120 or 121.

Address: São João Afluente do Tarumã Mirim S/n Zona Rural

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