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Overlooking the main river: Orla Taumanan
Boa Vista and surrounding
Harbors, Ports, Fjords, Quays,  Industrial culture
Harbors, Ports, Fjords, Quays, 
Industrial culture

Boa Vista is a fairly quiet and peaceful city, even though it is the capital of Roraima. People come there to enjoy the hot Brazilian sun and the beautiful view of the Branco River. Where is the best place to do it? Of course, on the embankment! Besides, local Orla Taumanan is well equipped.

Orla Taumanan was inaugurated in 2004. The Roraima state government has allocated money for the improvement of about 6,5 thousand square meters along the coastline to attract tourists to Boa Vista. And they succeeded now it is the most popular attraction among travelers. By the way, although the object is modern, it also has a historical background: its name means "peace" in the language of the indigenous people of Macuxi.

Actually, Orla Taumanan is not exactly an embankment, but a suspended structure. It has two platforms of different heights: Meremê and Weiquepá ("rainbow" and "sunrise" in Macuxi). There are 11 stalls with eateries and restaurants as well as two stages for outdoor concerts. This is a place for social fun and relaxation. Also, it is an ideal site for admiring the horizon both in the evening and at dawn. By the way, there is always pleasant music, including traditional compositions of indigenous peoples. So you can dance salsa or flamenco: often there are dancing evenings.

Previously, there was Cimento Harbor, where old boats with food and delicacies arrived in Boa Vista. Orla Taumanan is open around the clock, although not all of the facilities work at night. Besides, experienced tourists warn that it may not be safe in the dark.

Address: R. Floriano Peixoto - Centro

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