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Mount Roraima
Boa Vista and surrounding
Nature Reserves, Safari Parks, Zoo
Nature Reserves, Safari Parks, Zoo

Mount Roraima! What a great name! An incredible giant on the border of three states. The majestic mountain, from the sight of which you get goosebumps and the fire in your eyes. And you want to explore every inch of the Monte Roraima National Park near the city of Boa Vista in Brazil.

The park is huge. It covers one hundred seventeen hectares and is located at the very top of the mountain. Climbing up to it is not for beginners. The mountain is beautiful. But as true beauty, it is not easy to reach. You have to go through mountain gorges, dense impassable forests, and ice rivers. The path there is a test for both body and spirit. And it is not known what's harder.

Ancient tribes believed that the mountain was bewitched: demons lived in caves, dense forests, and numerous waterfalls. Only the bravest and strongest could pass through all the trials and get to the top. Hundreds of years later, conditions have changed a little. However, it did not become easier.

But all the difficulties which Roraima is preparing for the travelers are worth to be overcome. The views are impressive, stunning, and energizing at the same time! It seems that such a flat rock, rising above the three states, is something divine.

At the top, you find yourself above the clouds. You move forward in a foggy haze, breathing heavily from a long and difficult road. You walk along the flat surface of the mountain, looking around in fascination. You are surrounded by fabulous nature!

And not only by it! The fauna in the national park is also special. There are opossums, lizards, snakes, monkeys, sloths, rare species of butterflies, and more than twenty species of birds.

Despite all the difficulties that Mount Roraima is preparing, this is a place you will never forget! You will remember beautiful views, nature, and the road to the top for a long time.

Address: Monte Roraima

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