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Ischigualasto Provincial Park
San Juan and surrounding
Nature Reserves, Safari Parks, Zoo,  Archeology, Civilization history,  Unusual places
Nature Reserves, Safari Parks, Zoo, 
Archeology, Civilization history, 
Unusual places

To feel you like the heroes of Jack London’s famous novel “Moon Valley”, you do not need to repeat their life path and look for this ideal place for several years. Just come to the nice Argentine town of San Juan and its national park Ischigualasto, also named the “Moon Valley”. The exotic park, located on more than 600 square meters, resembles the landscape of the moon. Its name “Ischigualasto” is translated from the ancient language as “the moon place”. This name was given by the Indian tribes, the first settlers of this area. 

Ischigualasto Provincial Park, as well as the neighboring Talampaya National Park, is protected by UNESCO. It is known worldwide for its natural sites. A huge glade is very interesting. Stone balls of the right shape with a diameter of 50 cm are located on its territory in a chaotic order. Scientifically, this phenomenon remains unexplained and causes debates. It is known that they are like the local rocks. Over time, huge balls are being destroyed, and new ones appear in their place. It lasts for millions of years. Another natural wonder of this park is strange stone figures looking like skittles. You get the impression that you come to the country of giants who love to play giant bowling.

Ischigualasto Park is known not only by its natural landscape. According to scientific research, it was formed about 230 million years ago in the Triassic period. It can be explained by numerous finds of paleontologists. These are fossilized plants, mollusks, and remains of 54 dinosaurs’ species. Here were discovered fossilized bones of Herreraosaurus whose age was more than 235 million years. A particularly valuable find for scientists was the skeleton of the most ancient lizard on earth, Eoraptor.

Address: Parque Provincial Ischigualasto

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