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Boston Tea Party Museum
Boston, Massachusetts and surrounding
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Museums, Galleries, Exhibitions

Would you like a cup of tea? Or just let's go to this old-looking, but one of the most technological museums of our time - the Boston Tea Party Museum. This place is important not only for Boston but for the entire United States of America. And this is not about tea at all. Or rather not only about it, because there was tea. Boston Tea Party is a historical term describing an event in the late 18th century. One event that the entire museum is dedicated to. One event after which America appeared.

The museum is located in a pleasant place on the shore of Boston Bay. In 1773, England very rashly introduced a new law on the territory of the colonies. The inhabitants of Boston were very outraged. Angry citizens destroyed all the cargo of tea that belonged to the East India Company. This event brought the revolution, and then the civil war, as a result of which the United States of America appeared.

Don’t think that the museum is very old, and all the exhibits are covered with mold. The Boston Tea Party Museum will amaze you with incredible special effects and great acting. Yes, this is not a place where you will calmly study dusty exhibits. The museum policy is to show events in great detail. The tour fully recreates the events that occurred 230 years ago.

The museum will tell you about iconic personalities and the reasons that led to the independence of the States. You can also take a walk around a real ship of the 18th century. There are two of them and both are in excellent condition. Their interior fully corresponds to that time. Another interactive entertainment has been prepared for visitors there. Tourists are invited to take the side of the rebels, imagine themselves angry residents of Boston in the 18th century and throw the tea overboard furiously.

There you can really feel the spirit of history and the importance of those events!

Address: 306 Congress St

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