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Demanovska Cave of Liberty
Poprad and surrounding

The Demanovska Cave of Liberty (Demänovská) is another creation of nature available for visiting. It is located on one of the slopes of the Low Tatras mountain range in northern Slovakia, at an altitude of 870 meters above sea level.

This place, with its unique untouched nature, clean air, virgin forests, and mountain rivers, attracts tourists and does not let them go. The caves are a national treasure of Slovakia and its hallmark. There are about 6,200 of them here and they are all different: deep, gentle, long, winding, limestone. But at the same time, they are all completely unique.

The Demanovska Cave of Liberty is one of the oldest caves in Europe, as the first mention of it dates back to the 13th century. It has the status of a National Natural Monument and is a popular tourist attraction.

The cave appeared due to the underground flow of the river in limestone rocks and karst cavities for many thousands of years. Its length is more than 8 kilometers. But do not worry, there are two hiking trails designed especially for tourists: a short one (1200 meters long) lasting 1 hour and a long one (the so-called "Big Ring", 2200 meters long), which takes about 2 hours.

Under the ground, tourists are accompanied by an experienced guide who conducts excursions in the Slovak language. There is a translation record for foreigners.

The cave interior is amazing. It consists of an intricate system of corridors and grottoes, the clear underground Demanovka River (Demänovka), majestic halls of bizarre shapes and colorful vaults, stone waterfalls, pearl scatterings of frozen drops.

A trip to the underworld can be combined with a vacation in the surrounding ski resorts and treatment in sanatoriums. The air inside the cave is healing: it is used as climatotherapy for respiratory organs and allergy treatment. Also, the cave is not far from the glacial lake "Vrbické pleso", where you can go on a guided tour.

You can get to the Demanovska Cave of Liberty by car or public transport from Liptovsky Mikulas (Liptovský Mikuláš). An adult ticket costs 8 euros. Besides, there is paid parking near the cave.

Address: Demänovská Dolina

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