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Genoese Fortress
Sudak and surrounding
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It is hard to imagine a trip to Crimea without visiting the ancient Genoese fortress on the territory of the modern Crimean town of Sudak. It can be seen in many Russian films, such as "Pirates of the 20th century" and "The Master and Margarita" TV series. What is more, thousands of enthusiastic spectators and participants of the famous international knightly festival "Genoese Helmet" gather here every year.

One of the main tourist attractions of the Crimean Peninsula with an area of about thirty hectares was built on the territory of the Fortress Mountain, a giant fossilized coral reef. The defensive complex consisted of two structures - the Castle of the Holy Cross and the Castle of St. Elijah, which were surrounded by fortress walls with majestic observation towers over fifteen meters high. Each tower had its own name, as evidenced by the heraldic symbols and inscriptions on the walls. Today, the famous Sudak Fortress is considered the largest surviving Genoese fortress in the world and the most visited tourist attraction. The huge open-air museum includes two long tiers of battlements, fourteen towers, and a central gate with a barbican. Besides, several museums are located on its territory: collections of ancient ceramics from the Sudak Historical Museum and the horrifying ancient instruments of the Museum of Torture of the Middle Ages.

However, the most important event is the popular knights' festival, where all guests are dressed in solemn medieval clothes and stage a grandiose theatrical performance. All young people can take part in the "Knight's Tournament" competition, while all the ladies place bets covering their faces with a fan. The sounds of real bagpipes and ancient dances, aromas of medieval cuisine spread a wonderful atmosphere throughout the fortress.

Address: Genoese Fortress

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