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Holy Spring Cybelek
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Unusual places, 
Wells, Springs

According to an ancient story, the mythical city of Kitezh, hidden beneath the sacred waters of Lake Svetloyar, had been founded by Grand Duke George Vsevolodovich right before the soldiers of Batu Khan invaded the Russian lands. They conquered many ancient settlements, but could not find the way to the wonderful city with a six-domed cathedral, sheltered by taiga forests. The merciless khan had been torturing residents one by one until he found a young youth who agreed to take his army to the glorious city. He led them through secret winding paths through the forest and met three bogatyrs. The place where the bogatyrs fell in an unequal battle with the Turco-Mongol warriors is marked with a sacred spring. Today, it is adjacent to three crosses installed in honor of their feat.

Many years have passed, but the road to the holy spring "Cybelek" is still long and winding. It has its origin in the picturesque lake and the ancient chapel of the Kazan Mother of God, where traces of an ancient Russian settlement were discovered in 2011.

Believers make annual pilgrimages to the two sacred stones not far from the church. One of them is called "The Foot of the Mother of God", as it is believed that the Mother of God left her footprint on this stone. The second stone is considered healthful: you just need to kneel on it and pray for health and healing.

The two-kilometer road from the stones runs through forests and fields. Even though the whole journey is not long, there are comfortable benches all along the way. Besides, the spring itself is equipped with a wooden roof to avoid soil erosion by the frequent rains and downpours in these lands. In addition to the spring's healthfulness, travelers have repeatedly reported on the special atmosphere of this place, filled with tranquility and peace. This atmosphere can be especially attractive for residents of megacities.

Address: Spring Cybelek, Vladimir village

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