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Mount Mithridat
Kertch and surrounding
Archeology, Civilization history,  Unusual places
Archeology, Civilization history, 
Unusual places

Located in the very heart of Kerch, Mount Mithridat is the main attraction, visible from anywhere in the city. It attracts thousands of tourists and locals. The most solemn events are held here. There is a giant open-air museum nearby, where archaeological excavations of the ancient city of Panticapaeum have not stopped for many years. The famous Mithridates stair leads to the mountain. The four hundred and thirty-two stairs guarded by stone griffins built by the Italian architect Alexander Digby lead to the top of the mountain. Besides, there is a small museum of Demeter - an exact copy of the tomb of Demeter discovered on the territory of the city. Nowadays it is closed to the public. According to archaeologists and locals, Mount Mithridates has lots of secret passages of the labyrinth, leading to the underground city and the hidden treasures of the Mithridates I the Great.

Where an eternal flame burns today, there was a magnificent royal palace in the 7th century BC. It had a panoramic view of the entire city and the Kerch Bay. Only the walls of ancient temples, as well as the remains of a stone colonnade, have survived to this day. Besides, archaeologists have discovered a large underground necropolis with four thousand crypts on the side of the mountain. Since the Second World War, two bunkers have been preserved on the territory of Mount Mithridates. They served as pillboxes for both Nazi soldiers and Crimean defenders.

A 24-meter obelisk of Glory to immortal heroes made of ancient stones from the Trinity Cathedral was erected in memory of the hostilities and the heroes who fell during the war. Near the monument, there is a memorial marble plaque in the form of a book page with the names of the victims, as well as three ancient artillery cannons.

Address: Panticapaeum

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