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Doge's Palace
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The Doge's Palace (Palazzo Ducale) is one of the main attractions of Venice. Located in St. Mark's Square, it is considered the main building of the city. Previously, the palace served as a residence for Doges (the elected rulers of the former Venetian Republic). Today, it houses the most popular museum in the city, which contains many exhibitions and works of famous artists. By the way, the palace itself is a real work of art. It draws everyone's attraction and makes tourists seek out what is hidden behind its walls.

A masterpiece of Gothic architecture, preserved to this day, is not the first building standing on this site. This palace was built only in the 14th-15th centuries after the initial residence of Doges had burned down. The new building also went through several major fires. But fortunately, it was successfully restored and expanded after each incident.

Staring at the facade of the Doge's Palace is like looking at the paintings of the great Italian painters. It is a fine example of a magnificent and delicate structure of snow-white Istrian stone and pale pink Verona marble.

The highlight of the building's exterior is the Paper Gate (Porta della Carta), the entrance to the palace from the side of St Mark's Basilica. According to local legend, the gate was named in honor of the writers who placed a shop there and helped the locals to compile various documents. Behind the entrance, there is another attraction of the palace – the Foscari Arch adorned with Gothic spires and stunning statues.

The courtyard of the Doge's Palace hides the magnificent Giants’ Staircase. It is made of several types of marble and decorated with huge figures of Mars and Neptune, who greet and see off guests. By the way, all state receptions and meetings began and ended on these steps, and today it is a meeting and ending point of all palace tours.

The numerous halls and rooms of the palace are no less striking than the building itself. Each room is decorated with elaborate carvings, various sculptures, and paintings. The walls and ceilings are covered with exquisite frescoes and stucco moldings. Walking through the luxurious interiors, you realize that this is the ideal environment for the rulers of such a great republic.

Address: Piazza San Marco, 1

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