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St. Peter’s Square
Rome and surrounding

St. Peter's Square is a large round square next to the main Catholic church of the world. Thousands of those who believe in God, gather there to see the Pope and listen to the sermon. By the way, the Pope has the speech every Wednesday at 11 a.m.

We can say that St. Peter's Square is not connected with Rome, but the Vatican. It signifies the white line on the gray pavement - the border between the two states, which is protected by a guard. But, to come to the Vatican you do not need the passport, it is enough to have the proper appearance.

The most beautiful square of Europe was projected by an architect Giovanni Bernini. It symbolizes the embrace of the mother church and all the people of the planet.

In the center of the square is located an Egyptian obelisk of red granite, which was brought from Ancient Egypt by order of Emperor Caligula. Before it was established on the St. Peter's Square, the monument was sanctified. Initially, the peak of the obelisk had a gilded ball. According to the legend, this ball contained the remains of Julius Caesar. But, when the ball was replaced with a cross with a particle of the Holy Cross from Jerusalem, the ash was not found there. By the way, the obelisk also functions as a sundial, shadowing the markings on the pavement of the square. 

The main sight of the square is, of course, St. Peter's Cathedral. It is so big that it can contain all the largest cathedrals in Europe. You can learn this information, looking at the special markings on the basilica’s floor.

The facade and the interior of the cathedral are decorated with the statues of Christ and the apostles. The walls of the cathedral function as the tombs of Pope John Paul II and the famous rulers of Italy.

In front of the facade there are two statues – St. Peter’s statue and St. Paul’s. They meet everybody, who comes to the cathedral. Behind them, you can also see one more famous Vatican’s sight - the Holy Door. It can be opened just only during the Anniversary years. Pope signifies which year is the anniversary one. Previously, he did it once in 25 years, now - once in 15 years.

You can come to St. Peter's Basilica for free. You just have to pay for the ticket to the Vatican Museum Complex and the Sistine Chapel.

Address: Piazza San Pietro, 00120 Città del Vaticano

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