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Etruscan Arch
Perugia and surrounding

Etruscan Arch appeared in Perugia in the 3rd century BC. That time it was functioning as one of the seven gates of the city.

Etruscan Arc is decorated with an engraving “Augusta Perugia”. It reminds of a Perugia conquest by the emperor Octavian August in 40 BC.

In ancient times August and Marcus Antonius had a fierce fight. Perugia was the perfect place for defense because the city was situated on a hill and surrounded by a fortress wall. But the army of August was more than good armed and trained, so after a long siege, the city was conquered. Octavian was mad because of the Perugia citizens' disobedience and ordered to ravage and burn the city. Only two temples stayed unimpaired.

After a while, the emperor regretted his decision and let the survived citizens re-establish the ruined city. So, it was decided to name it in honor of magnanimous August. That is why Etruscan Arch has the engraved name of August.

For the 1000-years history, the arch changed different names – Porta Terzia, Porta Borca and even Arco Trionfale.

Etruscan Arch has a façade with two trapezoid towers. Above the arch is a lodge in Renaissance style. On both sides – the sandstone blocks with the parts of heads. Previously, these mythological heroes guarded Perugia. Close to the right tower was situated a fountain.

Nowadays Etruscan Arch leads to the main highway of Perugia – Corso Vannucci.

Address: Via Ulisse Rocchi, 39, 06123

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