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Unusual places

Be in Naples without visiting Mount Vesuvius? It a big mistake. Firstly, it is the only active volcano in Europe. Secondly, it is 15 kilometers away from the city. 

The eructation can happen at any moment, that is why the volcano is under the observation of seismologists. The scientists install cameras at a depth that show the real condition inside.

Vesuvius damaged the cities nearby a lot. We all know the story of Pompeii, buried under pumice, and disappeared Herculaneum and Stabia. The evidence was found by scientists in the 18th century.

The Naples citizens are still afraid when they notice the smoke above the volcano. But the scientists control the situation. Though most tourists tend to visit it during its expected “awakening”.

The way to Vesuvius is quite hard. Travelers need to walk for some time because the funicular and the lift are out of order since the earthquake.

It is better to have an excursion with a guide. Those who prefer to walk alone can take the carte with nine different climbing routes, but they are responsible for their life themselves. 

Now the Vesuvius is surrounded by a national park and a nature reserve, so visitors can also admire the various plants and animals.

The final destination of a route – a volcano vent. It does not look special, because it is covered with soil. But the visitors can enjoy the marvelous view of Naples and the bay.

Address: 80044 Ottaviano, Metropolitan City

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