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Vidistadatun Sculpture Park
Hafnarfjörður and surrounding
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In addition to museums in Hafnarfjordur, you can visit the creative park of international sculptures called Vidistadatun (Víðistaðatún in the original language).

This small park in a quiet city district contains works of sculptors from Iceland, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, Japan, France, Finland. Most of the sculptures were created in the Straumur Art Center and displayed at the Art Festival in 1991 and 1993.

It is an open-air sculpture exhibition, so this place is suitable for walking in fine weather. If observing figures and compositions are not enough, you can also make a small picnic or play football.

Near the park, there is the white-walled church from the 1980s named Vidistadakirkja. At first sight, it doesn’t look like a temple at all. Inside the church, there are unusual pictures, that seem to be book illustrations rather than traditional temple paintings.

The park is uneasy to find (of course, if you are not staying at the hostel right next to the park). You can ask the hotel staff to help you orientate and find the shortest way.

Despite the peacefulness of Hafnarfjordur, it is the third most populous city, as well as an important commercial port in Iceland. A convenient natural harbor (where Hafnarfjordur is located) gave it the name meaning "harbor in fjord". The population numbers over 25 thousand people. But locals joke that it is not quite accurate, and elves should also be calculated. According to legends and myths, this invisible people lives on the coast and makes up a certain part of the population.

While walking in the park among numerous lava stones, you may get the impression that elves definitely live there.

In addition to museum and park walks in Hafnarfjordur, you can visit specific excursions around the supposed habitat of elves and dwarfs. There is also a map with addresses of these mysterious creatures living in lava hills.

Address: Vidistadatun

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