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St. Peter’s Basilica in Avignon
Avignon and surrounding
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In beautiful Avignon, the pearl of Provence, there are many various temples, churches, and other religious buildings: it was here that the Pope’s residence was located for a long time. However, St. Peter’s Basilica (Église Saint Pierre), located right behind the Palace of the Popes (Palais des Papes), stands out among them.

Unlike other ancient buildings, the majestic light stone facade of the basilica didn’t suffer that much during the French Revolution. Now it is rightfully considered the most beautiful church in the city. It is located in the Old Town area at St. Peter’s Square (Place Saint-Pierre), which can only be reached by walking up the pedestrian street.

The basilica is a magnificent example of the florid French Gothic architecture of the mid-14th century. This art style got its name due to a large number of decorative elements similar to flames. Six side chapels were completed in the 15th-16th centuries, and the ancient foundation supporting the church dates back to the 7th century. An octagonal bell tower rises above the main building.

The stunning 4-meter high walnut doors in the Renaissance style, decorated with carvings by the sculptor Antoine Volard, are perfectly preserved to this day. They are the crown jewel of the majestic temple.

The interior of the church is decorated with limitless painted vaults, gilded choir balconies from the 1700s, several old Renaissance art canvases, a stone altar, and an altarpiece by the sculptor Umberto Boccioni. The original robes of the cardinal are also kept here. Today, the basilica is a functioning Catholic church.

The basilica can be visited free of charge at any time, except during church services and private religious ceremonies. Besides, organ concerts are often held here.

This fantastic building, very loved by the locals, has an incredible atmosphere that will fill your soul with peace and light, regardless of your religious beliefs.

Within walking distance from St. Peter’s Basilica is Avignon Cathedral with the mausoleum of the popes, the Museum of the Small Palace (Musée Du Petit Palais), the Museum of Lapidary, which you can visit while exploring the city.

Address: Rue Saint-Pierre

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