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Trinity Suburb: what did old Minsk look like
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Trinity suburb is a peculiar town in the capital of Belarus. This part of the city has become a symbol of the old Minsk: small streets, pastel facades of small buildings, warm colors of tiled roofs, buildings monuments, some of which are residential buildings. The historical quarter near the Svislach river is almost the center of Minsk, but it is a place with a completely different atmosphere.

You can move to the past by simply going from the Nyamiha metro station to the left bank of the Svislach River. Trinity suburb together with Rakovskoe suburb, the Castle and the Upper town form the core of the old Minsk. There are the most preserved architectural monuments: both secular buildings and churches, Catholic and Orthodox.

The settlement on Trinity mountain appeared in the XII-XIII centuries. It probably got its name from the old Trinity Church, which was founded by Prince Jogaila, or from the defensive fortifications named after the Holy Trinity. Centuries ago, the town was a center of trade at the intersection of the routes to Polotsk and Smolensk. By the end of the 16th century, there was a bustling Trinity market for merchants. Trinity mount and Rakovskoe suburb were defended by a fortified wall. Inside the walls, there was a small town with wooden buildings inhabited by merchants, artisans, and watchmen.

You can imagine what the ancient city looked like in today's Trinity suburb. But unfortunately, it is impossible to imagine for sure the appearance of the city, because the old layout was destroyed in 1809 by a strong fire. And they restored the town with stones. Until the middle of the 20th century, both the houses in the suburbs and the entire building of streets continued to be destroyed. It was only by the end of the century that a significant restoration of the appearance of the 19th century took place.

Today, the Trinity suburb is included in the area of the Old City, and its Western part is specially protected. This is a kind of museum under the sky of the capital of Belarus, where you can see the buildings of the past: only what was built in the 19th century in stone. Nevertheless, there is a sense of historicity and an atmosphere different from the expanse and high-rise buildings of modern Minsk. Tranquility and the opportunity to experience different rhythms of life are just a few steps away from the bustling avenue. You can just walk, or look for lunch in a traditional tavern, taste Belarusian cuisine, relax and return to Minsk of the 21st century.

Address: Trinity Suburb

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