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Marubi National Museum of Photography
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Museums, Galleries, Exhibitions

Albania is an amazing country with a rich heritage. This is the only place where you can witness the peaceful coexistence of all the cultures and religions of the world, learn about the royal dynasty that ruled for only 11 years or see the works of another dynasty – the Marubi photographers dynasty in the National Museum of Photography.

The Marubi dynasty begins in 1856. A young Italian photographer Pietro Marubi came to the small city of Shkodra and opened the first photo studio in the country. He named it Dritëshkronja – «in the light» in Albanian. The ambitious master quickly found friends in the new city, and their sons began to learn the art of photography from him. One of these talented students was Mikel Kodheli, known to the world as Kel Marubi.

After the teacher's death, Mikel Kodheli changed his name to Kel Marubi and, after inheriting the studio, turned it into a professional atelier.  Pictures of the most famous personalities of those years were taken there: the Franciscan monk Gjergj Fishta, the poet and writer Migjeni, the journalist Ernest Koliqi, the national heroes of the country Shote Galica and Dedë Gjo Luli, the founder of the Orthodox Church of Albania Fan Noli and even the King Ahmet I Zogu. Kel Marubi photographed not only celebrities but also thousands of ordinary people, townspeople, rural residents, and even landscapes of his beloved Albania. After him, the studio passed to his son Gegë Marubi who was the last member of the great dynasty.

In 1984, most of the collection of photographs, as well as cameras and negatives, became state property.  Another collection of photographs was discovered in the Gegë Marubi house after the fall of the Communist regime. These photos were strictly forbidden at the time. They were mainly nude pictures secretly kept by his family.

Today the Marubi National Museum of Photography is a modern two-story building with an area of 517 square meters and spacious halls. It opened its doors in 2016. Its collections include more than 500,000 photographs taken from 1856 to 1989. Besides, there are cameras, lenses, and other equipment that belonged to the three generations of Marubi photographers.

Address: Nr. 32,, Rruga: «Kolë Idromeno»

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