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Unusual places,  Spas, Health resorts
Unusual places, 
Spas, Health resorts

If the snow-white travertines with cold springs at Pamukkale are a well-known tourist attraction, the hot springs of Karahayit are meant to be kept by locals and are not almost advertised. No signs, no pictures in travel brochures, while the sites are just a few kilometers away from each other.

The amazing natural monument Karahayit stands close to the village of the same name. It is an identical stepped slope as Pamukkale but the springs are not cold, their temperature is about 67°C. So if you wish to take a spectacular selfie, choose a shallow place where the water is not so hot.

Five thermal springs filled with iron oxide run from the mountain, hence their red color and the name - red travertines.

It will not take a long time to find this phenomenon. The travertines are located in the park, almost right in the center of the village. Do not mistake natural wonder with the man-made symbol of the city, which rises next to the mosque. The last one is just the monument, like those located at the local resort Pam Thermal Hotel equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas. The real natural travertines are located on the territory of a huge green park with colorful flower beds. Here, in the kingdom of nature, hot springs come up to the surface followed by the voices of songbirds, forming a cascade of pools.

The rust-red water of Karahayit is not only spectacular but healing as well. It treats many diseases, which is why it is so highly protected by the locals. You can take hot baths or drink the water from special fountains installed in the village or get the water right from geysers. You can combine baths with a mud treatment, as the locals do. First, take a bath in the thermal waters, then apply the healing mud, and when the mud dries, rinse it with water and take a spring bath again. Must be why there are so many strong and cheerful long-lived people among the Turks.

Address: Red Travertines

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