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Gaziantep Zoo
Gaziantep and surrounding
Nature Reserves, Safari Parks, Zoo
Nature Reserves, Safari Parks, Zoo

Kilometers of sandy beaches, tender sea, all-inclusive hotels, and giant water parks are all about Turkey beloved by vacationers. However, this eastern beauty is proud of itself not only for water entertainment, honey sweets, and energetic dance. All its ancient monuments and brand new resorts are covered with dense vegetation, where a huge number of different birds and animals live alongside humans. Unfortunately, people have not always been kind and suave with God's creatures. Increasingly, fauna preferred to be hidden to human eyes. A huge zoo with an area of more than 1,000 hectares was built just a few kilometers away from the city of Gaziantep to keep animals, birds, reptiles, and their reproduction safe and protected.

Today, Gaziantep Zoo is considered to be the largest in Turkey and it takes one of the top places in the European zoo ranking. The zoo was first opened in 2001 and since then it has been one of the main tourist attractions and the most favorite place for all children. The great Safari park, a new part of the zoo, with an area of 200 hectares was opened later in 2015, and a couple of years after that, a unique museum of natural history was established.

The zoo is a permanent home for 7,000 animals of 325 species. It has an aquarium with a capacity of 450 tonnes, spacious aviaries of 30 meters high for birds, aviaries for predators, and terrariums for reptiles, as well as huge areas where animals live in their natural habitat. In winter, they move to the heated aviaries with heated floors, so they do not feel climate change.

The giant aquarium consists of 21 smaller aquariums, three of which are marine ones. There are 3,250 fish of more than 80 species in aquariums. There are 35 primates of 8 species from different parts of the earth found only in one monkey nursery, not to mention ostriches, kangaroos, zebras, giraffes and camels, leopards, and jaguars, tigers, and lions, as well as bears and wolves. All of them are kept in perfect natural conditions with excellent nutrition and care to help them reproduce and please visitors with new baby animals.

Address: Yamactepe, Burc Ormanı İci

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