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Amethyst Cavern Park
Ulsan and surrounding
Caves,  Unusual places,  Museums, Galleries, Exhibitions
Unusual places, 
Museums, Galleries, Exhibitions

People have always been attracted to everything mysterious and unknown. This striving led to great discoveries and innovations. It made people explore space, go down to the bowels of the earth, get into sea waters and pass tens of kilometers of caves and labyrinths.

In ancient times, caves were used as places for living. However, when people mastered in construction of buildings, caves were no longer needed. And only after many years, people once again began to be interested in underground passages and grottoes, some of which were formed as a result of mining operations. That was a new milestone in the history of caves – when people did not only try to find them but also to make them the places of their needs. Some peoples turned them into temples and monasteries, others made museums and exhibition halls out of them. In Korea, in the vicinity of the city of Ulsan, former tunnels for amethyst mining became a modern center of entertainment.

Amethyst Cavern Park is the biggest and the only cavern center in Korea. It hosts different entertaining attractions. The park is a row of underground caves and labyrinths which length is more than 2.5 km and its width is 16 meters. There you can learn a lot about the mining process of natural amethyst. It is a stone known from the period of Ancient Egypt. It was called a «blessed stone» During the period of Ancient Rome and an «apostolic stone» – during the Middle Ages. The excursion about the history of this amazing mineral and about the history of its mining process will only be an «overture» before the entertainment.

On the territory of the complex, there is a river. So you can take a boat and go on a travel to see splendid waterfalls and fairy-tale fountains. In addition, you can visit exhibition halls devoted to insects and watch a breathtaking acrobatics show.

Address: Amethyst Cavern Park

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