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Osaka Castle
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The beautiful historical center of Osaka that is filled with the preserved spirit of an old city is home to a luxurious castle. White walls, green roof, golden decorations – the castle looks like a house from a fairy-tale which stands amongst flourishing trees. It is difficult to imagine that in the past, it was a significant castle with a protection system and defense constructions and that its dungeons descended three floors down.

The history of Osaka Castle is very interesting. It started many centuries ago – in 1496. Then its current territory was occupied by a monk-hermit, who built a small Buddhist temple for himself hoping to cut himself off the hustle and bustle of the outer world. Later, followers began to come to him. The small house was expanded and built up with new constructions. Soon it turned into a relatively big monastery. During the war which lasted for 11 years, the monks were attacked. The monastery resisted the siege for a long time, but it had to surrender in 1580. The monks burned down all the buildings to prevent the enemy from seizing them.

After three years, in 1583, that place was owned by another ruler. He ordered all his feudal lords to give money and people for building the biggest and the most luxurious castle in the country. The feudal lords, who were scared to be punished by their ruler, brought everything for the construction works: they brought walls stones, monasteries foundations and ancient headstones – everything that they could get to satisfy the demands of their strict ruler.

Just in three years, a luxurious castle complex appeared on the territory of the former monastery. It took an area of more than 8 square kilometers, and the height of its main tower reached 60 meters.

There were all the needed rooms inside the castle: dungeons, reception halls, guest rooms, dining rooms, a library, a hall for lavish feasts and peaceful tea ceremonies. That was a true celebration of wealth and luxury.

In 1615, another rich and notable representative of the clan owned the castle after a two-year siege and then destroyed it. In 1620, he ordered to rebuild it because he felt sorry for his action. Then several terrible fairs happened to the castle. They destroyed it almost to its foundation. Only in 1931, it was totally restored and a fascinating museum was placed inside.

Address: Osaka Castle

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