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Geisha District Of Gion
Kyoto and surrounding
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Culture, Traditions, Folklore, 
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If the most famous male character in Japan is considered a brave and loyal samurai warrior, then the most popular female character can safely be considered a mysterious beauty – geisha, which means «person of the art world». This name incredibly accurately describes the occupation of beautiful girls, designed to entertain guests at tea houses with dancing and singing, tea ceremonies, and pleasant conversations. She could flirt but never lost her dignity. Today, this mysterious stranger with the original makeup in a bright silk kimono and wooden Geta sandals still excites the imagination of not only the male half of mankind.

They first appeared in the 17th century and since then have lived as a community in separate city blocks, the so-called «cities of flowers». The Gion district in Kyoto remains the most famous of them, although there are no more than 300 true geishas left. There is still an atmosphere of festivity and fun. Traditional tea houses and other ancient architectural monuments have been perfectly preserved to this day. Moreover, the entire district is a historical and cultural heritage of the nation and is protected by the state.

Each tea house has its unique interior decoration and offers different entertainment for every taste. Here you can see traditional dancing with bamboo fans, hear fascinating Japanese songs or play the national musical instrument shamisen, as well as take part in the famous tea ceremony or one of the hundreds of amusing games known to geisha since ancient times.

Aside from the traditional sites, Gion has many modern attractions, including numerous bars and lavish restaurants, nightclubs, and beautiful alleys with fragrant cherry trees for leisurely promenades. But whatever the purpose of visiting this region by foreign tourists, an evening in the company of a real geisha will always remain one of the most vivid memories in life.

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