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Phnom Sampov Mountain
Battambang and surrounding
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Unusual places

A huge mountain, surrounded by greenery, a beautiful temple with a carved roof, garlands, statues at the entrance, and crowds of people. Such is the mountain of Phnom Sampov. At first sight, you do not suspect what terrible secrets these walls of the temple and the dense forest that covers the mountain hide.

The Phnom Sampov Mountain is an extraordinary limestone mountain and one of the most visited and beautiful places in Battambang. The mountain, dotted with numerous viewing platforms and small caves, is located 12 kilometers from the city.

A staircase leads to the top. Be careful going up and look around. Impudent monkeys always try to steal other people's things. Turn from the main staircase to the secondary one, and you will find the way to one of the many caves. One of them is the cave of Death. And it's not just a scary name.

The descent into the cave is again misleading. Around you, there are flowering plants, limestone rock covered with vines, and from the side, there is a beautiful view of the remained village below. The cave itself is quite spacious. It is dark here, but the dim light still makes it possible to see a huge statue of the Golden Buddha lying on the floor. It is decorated with flowers, incense, and various offerings.

Only after a few minutes, you can notice large glass boxes filled with...human bones. This is a monument dedicated to the war with the Khmer Rouge. The skeletons were real people, doctors, teachers, women, and children killed by the Khmer. You look into the empty eye sockets of skulls and can't speak or move. Fear and terror strikes all over the body. The Khmer Rouge killed very brutally. There is a small hole in the upper part of the cave. People were lined up at the top, beaten, and one by one thrown into the darkness.

You can't get over this scene for a long time. It is surprising why the Cambodians themselves treat it this way: they carelessly have fun, dance next to the dead. In their culture, it is believed that joy and laughter are the best way to cope with grief. 

Address: Phnom Sampov Banan Krong Battambang

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