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Mainamati Museum
Comilla and surrounding
Archeology, Civilization history,  Museums, Galleries, Exhibitions
Archeology, Civilization history, 
Museums, Galleries, Exhibitions

Just 10 kilometers from the center of Comilla, there is an interesting, beautiful, and very important, from a scientific point of view, the Mainamati open-air archaeological museum.

This place is closely connected with ancient beliefs and traditions. One of the popular heroes of folklore –the Princess Mainamati lived on the slopes of these hills.

Many centuries ago this place was the center of the ancient Vanga Samatata (Southeast Bengal). Traces of the majestic past of this city are still visible in the picturesque ruins and beautiful household items that archaeologists find on the territory of Mainamati.

Besides, many Buddhist artifacts were found there. This indicates that there was a monastery on this territory.

The first ancient items in the Mainamati area were found in 1875 when workers were clearing the area for paving a road. They discovered part of the ancient foundation. Then it turned out that this is a whole wall, which for many years was mistakenly considered as a fort. And only in the middle of the 20th century, it was found out that this was part of an ancient Buddhist monastery, which was located here in the 14th century.

Further excavations have shown that the monastery walls are not the oldest things located on the territory of Mainamati. For example, there were copper tablets dating back to 1220. They have preserved records about the rich city, decorated with fortresses and monasteries.

When the territory of the archaeological site was expanded, scientists were able to find three large stupas, several miniature chapels, and prayer halls surrounded by a massive wall. Presumably, this complex appeared in Mainamati in the 7th century. And it became the basis for the further development of the territory and the formation of a large and progressive city.

But it wasn't just Buddhists who inhabited the Mainamati area. This is confirmed by the found Hindu temple, which was built in the 10-11th century. 

In addition to architectural structures, other finds on this vast territory consist of ancient weapons, tools, beautiful household items, jewelry, and money, most often silver and gold.

Now Mainamati attracts not only scientists but also tourists who come to see the ancient beauty and learn more about the history of such an unusual and interesting country.

Address: Mainamati Museum

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