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Fogo Natural Park
Fogo Island and surrounding
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The inhabitants of Fogo, one of the islands of Cabo Verde, did a great job separating the island area of 500 square kilometers to cities and established a natural park that received the official status of a reserve. Though it is one of ten parks of a small African state, you have to visit it because of an important reason. Only this natural park has an active volcano. You can visit it and see everything with your own eyes.

The territory of the Fogo Park of about 85 square kilometers is under the protection of the state. It is located in the very centre of the island and includes not only the volcano, but also the forest with the Monte Velha peak. Here, you can find two endangered plant species. These are Echium vulcanorum with delicate blue-white flowers and medicinal seeds that contain γ-linolenic acid and Erysimum caboverdeanum, or wild carnation, that is also used in traditional medicine. Both of them grow only on the island of Fogo and need protection and care. Several species of birds, including Boyd's shearwater, known as small shearwater, Alexander's swift, and endangered Fea’s petrel, present the fauna of the reserve.

The central place in the park belongs to its main sight, attracting tourists and volcanologists to the island for many years. It is the active Fogo volcano, the youngest and the most active on all Cabo Verde Islands. Its eruptions occur very frequently. The last one took place in 2014 and lasted for 77 days.

Today, the volcano is sleeping, and local guides conduct tours to the peak. But considering its nature and consequences of eruptions, Fogo Island will not always be open for tourists. That is why it is time to go on an adventure to the crater of an active volcano and take a lava souvenir. 

Address: Fogo National Park

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