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© Alessandra
This awesome Pragu
I continue to publish a series of guides that will be useful if you come to the city for the first time or, conversely, were in it more than once. In this issue — Prague without Charles bridge and St. Vitus Cathedral. 1. Riegrovy Sady Prague is primarily a city of beautiful views....
© Alessandra
15 things to do in Valencia
Valencia has many of the things that attracts tourists to Spain, all in one place: The city has a vibrant old centre, with a knot of little streets and splendid medieval buildings like the UNESCO-listed Lonja de la Seda. Valencia is also right on the Mediterranean, so you can laze on...
© Alessandra
Barcelona - the city of color
What do you know about one of the most iconic cities in Spain - Barcelona? The thing witch I’m sure at is that she will meet you with a gentle sun and an incomparable Catalan flavor. And if Madrid is the head of Spain, then Barcelona is its heart, which is ready to love you hot and...
© Alessandra
Italian paradise: the secrets of Tivoli
The picturesque old town of Tivoli located 24 kilometers from Rome in the province of Lazio is incredibly attractive for those who is  interested in history and architecture. As for architectural landmarks of Tivoli in Italy, there are  fabulously beautiful villas with gorgeous...
© Alessandra
Rich history of Chateau de Chambord
The largest and most magnificent castle of the Loire is Chambord. From the very history of this castle, it blows romance, because Chambord was built by Francis I so that the king could be closer to his lover - the Countess of Turi, who lived nearby - and at the same time able to receive...
© Alessandra
History of the Black Sea. About banks and rivers
The shores of the Black Sea make up an almost unbroken line like lakes have. Such seas are called closed, or internal - they are closed within land, surrounded by it with all sides. This vast sea is connected to the Mediterranean Sea and, through it, to the Atlantic Ocean by two narrow...
© Alessandra
Beautiful under-the-radar beaches in Cornwall
White sand, bright sun, emerald sea, and lush vegetation …what is it? The Caribbean? Seychelles? The Maldives? No, this is England. Cornwall County drastically differs from the rest of the United Kingdom. Forget the rains and the gloomy weather. The Cornish Riviera offers endless...
© Елена
Румыния - страна, куда я поеду этим летом. Поехали со мной.
Ни за что не догадаетесь, куда я вас приглашу в увлекательное путешествие! Я зову вас в Румынию.   И не только ради замка графа Дракулы, а ради природы,...
© Alessandra
Palermo - Italian capital of culture
A lot of tourists all over the world choose Italy as a place to visit on their vacations, because there are places for both who likes active leisure and who usually prefers laying on the beach all day long. Yes, Italy is magnificent country with a variety of opportunities for all the types...

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