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How does it work?


Register on 7toucans. Registration


Go to the travel companions section in the app's control panel


Share the ad details with fellow travelers by filling up the specified fields. "Title" - the name of your trip.


If you click on the "Departure date" and "Return date" fields, the drop-down calendar opens.
In this calendar, click on the start date of the trip and move the cursor to the end date. Mark it.
The calendar highlights the date range during which you plan to be on a trip.

Under the calendar, you will see two scales indicating the exact time (hours and minutes) for departure and return. Customize them according to your plans.
The phrase "Selected: YYYY-MM-DD HH: MM: SS to YYYY-MM-DD HH: MM: SS (N days)" appears in the top of the calendar.
Required fields will be automatically filled with the dates and time indicated in the calendar.


Fill in the "End date of publication" field by selecting the date from the drop-down calendar. Until this date, your fellow travelers' ad will be valid.


"Short description". Briefly describe the trip that you are planning, specify the terms of the joint trip.


"Region". Choose a travel region or specify that you plan to visit several regions by marking the Mixed point.
"Travel type". From the options offered in the list, select the type of planned trip.


The "Select a discussion group" field is completed at the discretion of the user.
You can choose one of the groups created by you, where you and your fellow travelers will discuss the details of the trip, coordinate the journey and share your impressions.

If you have not created any groups yet, you can do this by going to the "Community" menu item or by selecting "Groups" in the menu on the left. You can make the group open or closed. Every user who joins your trip will automatically send a request to join the discussion group if specified by you.


In the field "Number of members" you specify the maximum number of fellow travelers.


In the column "Get offers" you can indicate whether you agree to receive travel services offers from companies that are registered on the 7toucans network.

You need to add your itinerary with all the destinations points on the way. Here you need to note the point where you plan to start your journey and the point that is the main point of travel.

Under the phrase "Add destination" you fill out a form for one of the points of your trip.


In the field "Destination" you specify the place in which you will be in the period of travel. Remember that this place will be automatically displayed on the map. Be sure to write the name correctly so that the system can find it.


In the field "Description" you can describe the place, indicate its role in the trip or tell about what events are planned there.


In the column "Days" you can choose the days of travel that you intend to take in this place. It can be from 1 to 5 day of travel, or only the 7th day, depending on your schedule and preferences.


By clicking on the "add" button, you can create as many destinations as you want to visit.



Under each form, you can see two checkboxes: "Departure point" and "Travel target point".
Each of them you can mark only once for one created destination.
"Departure point" is the place where you plan to start your journey.
"Travel target point" is the place that is the goal of the journey and the main travel destination.


If you are planning to travel from Paris to Marseille and visit several cities along the road, you specify the destinations as follows:
Paris is the destination marked as the "Departure point"
Lyon is the destination.
Nimes is the destination.
Marseille is a destination marked as "Travel target point"

In the list of fellow traveler ads, your ad will be displayed as "Paris-Marseille", i.e. in the format "Departure point - Travel target point"


In order to save your ad, click "Save"

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